We have made the eShopping process faster

Thanks to our additional functions in the OTTO ROTH eShop, placing orders is now even faster and simpler.

Elaborate, manual data entry when ordering C-parts is a thing of the past. Nowadays you can use our additional functions to fill your basket in even less time. The simple ordering process and automated data entry help to prevent the usual input mistakes. This will lower your procurement costs automatically.

Intuitive navigation and an easy search function in our eShop help you to quickly find the items you require.

By entering the item number or product designation or by selecting the technical parameters in the selected product group, you will quickly find what you are looking for. Simply click to add the selected item to your basket.

You can fill your basket even faster by observing the following tips:

Direct article input

Simply enter the item number directly into your basket. By clicking on the "Add article" button in your basket, an input screen will open in which you can enter the item numbers and order quantity for the required products. In addition to the OTTO ROTH item numbers, it is also possible to enter your own item numbers that are automatically saved in the OTTO ROTH eShop. You can then complete any future orders in the eShop using your own item numbers.

Transferring CSV files

You can also directly transfer extensive order lists directly from your PC to the basket at lightning speed. A CSV file can be loaded to the basket by using the „Read basket from file“ button. To do so:

1. Simply create a table in Excel with three to a maximum of five columns. The sequence of the first three columns is important: OTTO ROTH item number, customer item number and order quantity
In the next two columns, you can optionally enter additional data for your internal purposes. Headers are not required in the Excel table. It is only necessary to enter the correct value in the correct column.

2. The file created in Excel must then be converted to a CSV file. For this purpose, select "Save As" in the "File" menu. The file type "CSV (Comma delimited)" must be selected in the new window.

3. The CSV table that you have created can now be directly transferred to the basket in our eShop. The "Read basket from file " button will open the search window. In that window, click on the "Durchsuchen" ("Search") button and navigate to the CSV file on your PC to load it into the basket.


Items that are required on a regular basis can be saved as favourites. These items can be permanently saved by selecting the "zu Favoriten hinzufügen" ("Add to Favourites") button. For subsequent orders, they can then easily be moved from "Favoriten" ("Favourites") into the basket.

Copying from an existing order

For up to one year, you can simply call up your previous orders in the “Order overview" area, edit them if necessary, and add them to your basket when placing a new order.
To ensure that payments are processed just as quickly and easily, you can simply pay by credit card or receive an invoice with the goods. You can request the processing status of your order via the special "Request" section, so that you are always kept up-to-date.




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