Kanban systems by OTTO ROTH

Kanbanlösungen von Otto Roth

The ideal solution for your kanban logistics

Kanban systems enable an efficient and reliable supply of C-parts in warehousing and production. At the same time, container-based solutions support companies in significantly reducing their stock levels. This reduces the capital commitment, while the level of flexibility increases as requirement quantities change.

We offer various logistics solutions based on the kanban principle. These include traditional single- or two-container systems as well as non-container-based supply systems that use our barcode-label system featuring an independent app. We would be delighted to advise you on the best C-parts kanban solution for your company. We work with customers to develop an efficient, customised concept that will provide them with noticeable savings, simplify the ordering process and shorten throughput times in production.

A reliable supply of C-parts

We achieve maximum supply reliability thanks to our automatic consumption statistics and evaluation tools. We can therefore kanban changes in demand at all times and manage the supply of C-parts optimally. Kanban containers are input or output as part of a targeted process to reliably compensate for peaks in demand, thus guaranteeing that your kanban warehouse is always ideally stocked.

Personal service is important to us. We will not only assign you to a personal kanban contact, but will also ensure that the same driver always comes to your site wherever possible. The driver will be familiar with your site and deliver required C-parts quickly and reliably to exactly where you need them.

Our kanban solutions at a glance

Would you like to find out more about our kanban system featuring two or more containers? Then contact us!




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