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Storage solutions for your Kanban system

Whether single- or multi-container Kanban: The right containers are the heart of every C-parts supply system. Shelf containers and EU-stacking containers ensure organized, clean and compact C-parts storage. Kanban containers are available in a variety of versions and sizes. As experienced experts in C-parts logistics, OTTO ROTH offers a wide product range and expert advice to help you find the optimal storage solution for your Kanban system.

The right Kanban containers for every supply system:


Single-container Kanban:

In this system, the containers are divided by a metering disc. The customer pulls from the front side and the rear side contains the reserve stock. If this is interrupted by raising the disc, then reordering occurs in a number of ways. Until new goods arrived, the customer uses the reserve stock. The OTTO ROTH portfolio offers containers in various sizes. These ensure that each item is labeled and stored at its proper location and thus easy to find. We then tailor these Kanban containers to your company shelving system.

Typical containers

bito shelf container RK 5109

Bito RK 5109
Description Dimentions
Basic dimentions LxW (mm) 500x117
Height (mm) 90
IInner dimentions LxWxH (mm) 460x94x80
Volume (l) 3,5
Load (kg) 12
Content load (kg) 4

bito shelf container RK 5209

Bito RK 5209
Description Dimentions
Basic dimentions LxW (mm) 500x234
Height (mm) 90
Inner dimentions LxWxH (mm) 456x211x80
Volume (Liter) 7,8
Load (kg) 25
Content load (kg) 8

Kanban with two or more containers:

Here at least two consecutive full containers of each item are stacked in the Kanban shelf. Parts are taken exclusively from the front container until this is empty. The customer then removes the empty container and triggers a reordering in a variety of ways. Meanwhile, the rear container serves as reserve stock. OTTO ROTH offers a range of stacking containers for this system, which are then optimally adapted to your Kanban logistics system. We provide you with containers that are customized to EU pallet dimensions or optimized for use in automatic conveyor systems.

Typical containers

bito stacking container XL21121

Bito Eurostapelbehälter
Description Dimentions
Basic dimentions LxW (mm) 200x150
Height (mm) 150
Inner dimentions LxWxH (mm) 168x118x117
Volume (Liter) 1,9
Content load (kg) 10

bito stacking container xl32121

Bito RK 5209
Bezeichnung Maße
BAsic dimentions LxW (mm) 300x200
Height (mm) 120
Inner dimentions LxBxH (mm) 268x168x117
Volume (Liter) 5,26
Content load (kg) 15

bito stacking container xl43121

Bito RK 5209
Description Dimentions
Basic diemntions LxW (mm) 400x300
Height (mm) 170
Inner diemntions LxBxH (mm) 368x268x167
Volume (Liter) 15
Content load (kg) 30

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 Would you like to know more about OTTO ROTH Kanban container solutions for your C-parts logistics? Then get in touch with us! Our experts are ready to advise you!




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