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C-parts procurement is going digital

Digitalization and networking are constantly growing in the area of C-parts logistics as well – and for good reason: Modern technologies make the ordering process significantly faster and more streamlined. They also make inventory more transparent and help prevent errors. This means saving time and costs for your Kanban procurement. This is why OTTO ROTH offers a range of hardware and software solutions for future-proof C-parts supply:

Easy label scanning with the OTTO ROTH Kanban Android app

With OTTO ROTH's container-independent Kanban system, you will save considerable time while remaining flexible during fluctuating C-parts demand.The advantage to you: Unlike with traditional Kanban models, the delivery of the newly filled Kanban containers is cut to no more than five business days. Our system also enables you to react particularly quickly to deviations or peak demands in your C-parts supply.

  • Kanban smartphone:

We equip your Kanban containers with removable barcode labels. When a container becomes empty, simply scan the label with the OTTO ROTH Kanban app to reorder the corresponding parts. Use your own smartphone or our dedicated OTTO ROTH Kanban smartphone, which we will gladly provide to you!

  • Kanban Android app:

The OTTO ROTH Kanban app transmits your order to us in real time. The scanned data can also be modified, supplemented or deleted as needed prior to transmission. We will immediately provide the required C-parts and will pick up the empty Kanban containers at a later point.

Automated ordering processes with RFID technology

The OTTO ROTH RFID Kanban system impresses with its high reliability and labor-saving benefits. Each container is equipped with an RFID transponder containing all relevant information about the corresponding item. The data is read automatically to trigger a reorder. This enables you to simplify your C-parts procurement and accelerate your ordering processes while simultaneously saving money!

The heart of the system is the OTTO ROTH Master Kanban Box. As a central computer, it records all order processes from RFID labels and automatically forwards them to our EDP system in predefined intervals via LAN, WLAN or mobile network.

Various options are available to you when it comes to reading the data and initiating an order:

  • RFID letter box:

Inserting RFID tags into the OTTO ROTH Master Kanban Box activates the order process.

  • RFID shelf mat:

An electronic RFID mat is installed on the Kanban shelves. An order is automatically triggered when an employee places an empty container on the mat.

  • RFID floor mat:

A pallet storage space equipped with an RFID floor mat serves as a collection point for empty Kanban boxes. An order is triggered when empty container is placed here.

  • RFID collection box:

A collection box with an integrated RFID system triggers an order once an empty Kanban container is inserted.


Would you like to know more about OTTO ROTH digital solutions for your C-parts logistics? Then get in touch with us! Our experts are ready to advise you!




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