Shelves for every Kanban system

OTTO ROTH Behälter und Regalsysteme

Organization and overview for your C-parts range

With the diverse range of shelving systems from OTTO ROTH, you will save space, time and costs in your C-parts supply. Our solutions ensure the organized and clearly arranged storage of all your items – thereby ensuring optimal inventory control. From fixed Kanban shelving with compartments or slanted floors to mobile trolleys to tailored customer-specific solutions: We will prepare just the right concept for you that optimally meets your logistical needs!

OTTO ROTH provides the following storage solutions:

Fixed shelves for different Kanban systems

Fixed shelves for single- and multi-container Kanban systems. You can choose from various sizes and arrangements as well as compartments and slanted floors. This enables the shelving systems to be customized to your company’s requirements.

Fixed shelves for single-container kanban system

Regal Ein-Behälter-Kanban
Description Dimensions
Shelf height (mm) 1850
Shelf width and depth (mm) 1058 x 524
Usable depth (mm) 500
Compartment length (mm) 1000
Number of compartments 14
Number of containers 112
Furnishing 112 x RK5109
Compartment load (kg) 50
Bay load (kg) 500

Fixed shelves for multi-container Kanban system

kanban regal rfid zwei- und mehrbehälter-kanban
Description Dimentions
Shelf height (mm) 2000
Shelf width adn depth (mm) 1358x624
Usable depth (mm) 600
Compartment length (mm) 1300
Number of compartments 7
Furnishing 56 x XL21121 oder

42 x XL32121 oder

21 x XL43121 oder

mixed as needed
Compartment load (kg) 100
Bay load (kg) 800

Kanban trolley for single-container Kanban system

The mobile solution for maximum flexibility. Thanks to their wheels, these trolleys can be positioned anywhere, such as between different assembly stations. OTTO ROTH customizes the size and configuration to meet your specific needs.

kanban trolley

Kanban-REgal für Ein-Behälter-Kanban
Description Dimentions
Shelf height (mm) 1815
Shelf width and depth (mm) 1068x533
Usable depth (mm) 500
Compartment length (mm) 1000
Number of compartments 8
Number of containers 80
Furnishing 80 x RK5109
Compartment load (kg) 50
Bay load (kg) 500

All OTTO ROTH shelving systems also come with a variety of container types depending on the size and weight of the C-parts you need to store.

Would you like to know more about OTTO ROTH shelving systems for your C-parts logistics? Then get in touch with us! Our experts are ready to advise you!




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