Kanban with two or more containers

Kanbanlösungen von Otto Roth

High levels of supply reliability for your C-parts logistics

The rolling kanban system by OTTO ROTH featuring two or more containers is suitable for customers with steady C-parts requirements. In the case of this method, there are always one or more full containers in stock in your kanban warehouse while an empty container is being topped up with the same goods at our facility.

At least two consecutive, filled containers of each item are stacked in the kanban shelf. Your employees exclusively take C-parts from the front container until it is empty. Empty containers are placed in a separate pick-up box and later collected at the agreed intervals. Upon arrival at our facility, these are scanned, topped up and returned to your premises. In the meantime, your employees take items from the other containers in the shelf. This guarantees high levels of supply reliability, simple ordering processes and enables transparent production management.

Depending on the size and consumed quantities of the C-parts, various container types for kanban logistics will be available to you. We also optionally offer comprehensive service for kanban systems with two or more containers: our employees position goods in shelves and maintain them.

The benefits of kanban with two or more containers at a glance

  • Always a full kanban container in the shelf
  • Reliable, regular supply of C-parts
  • Comprehensive service right down to topping up kanban shelves
  • Various shelf and container types available

Would you like to find out more about our kanban system featuring two or more containers? Then contact us!




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