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Labels are a key component of Kanban supply because they provide all the relevant information about the product and its location in the Kanban shelving. This is why adapting of these labels optimally to company processes and requirements is so important. OTTO ROTH is here to support you with a wide range of available products – from classic sticker and adhesive labels in tailored formats and designs to firmly attached, removable or magnetic labels to RFID tags with an integrated transponder. Our range comprises Kanban labels for single- and multi-container systems as well as solutions designed to meet VDA guidelines. Contact us – we're happy to help!

Labels can include the following information:

  • Kanban container number
  • Kanban location
  • Kanban container type
  • Kanban container storage position (shelf / compartment)
  • Kanban container fill quantity
  • OTTO ROTH item number
  • Customer item number
  • Ctandard / dimensions / surface
  • Item designation

OTTO ROTH offers the following label types:

Barcode labels:

This classic label type comes printed with a barcode that contains all relevant information about the respective Kanban item. To trigger reordering, the code can be read using a Kanban smartphone with an OTTO ROTH Android app. These labels are usually affixed to the Kanban container or inserted into a viewing window.

Kanban Barcode Etikett

RFID labels:

A transponder is integrated into these labels as a data storage device where all important information about the respective item is saved. The data is read via an RFID reader and reorders are automatically sent to OTTO ROTH. Various versions are available, such as RFID shelf or floor mats as well as the OTTO ROTH Master Kanban Box.

kanban RFID-Etikett

Would you like to know more about OTTO ROTH label solutions for your C-parts logistics? Then get in touch with us! Our experts are ready to advise you!




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