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Our logistics center in Stuttgart, Germany, covers a total area of 12,000 m² and comprises a fully automated high-bay warehouse with 8,700 pallet spaces and 30,000 tray spaces. The lower warehouse level comprises a 650 m² large manual block warehouse.


We have more than 100,000 items permanently in stock at our dynamic warehouse. This includes standard parts, drawing parts, piping products, tools and many more.

Depending on the size and weight of the stored goods, they are kept in the tray, palette or in the block warehouse. The combination of these different warehouse areas and the efficient control of the conveying technology in all of the individual areas, enable us to maintain very high stock levels and ensure we can immediately provide a wide range of items in the required quantities to the customer at any time.

Parallel picking from all warehouse areas is possible. The complete order is then securely packaged ready for dispatch. The warehouse is designed for 24-hour operation.

For large quantities: pallet and lattice box warehouse

This seven aisle storage area within the high-bay warehouse is a so-called "chaotic warehouse": The storage of incoming and outgoing goods is controlled and managed fully automatically by a computer system.

Software-protected control processes that run in the background ensure optimum stock management, taking the width and height of each storage unit into consideration. The system also ensures that identical items are distributed across different storage points. This variable configuration is another way of guaranteeing fast availability of the goods ordered.

Fast turnaround goods: small parts warehouse

In this warehouse area which contains six lanes, trays are used to transport small packages. Each tray has a fixed assignment and is automatically driven to its fixed shelving location after it is filled during goods receipt. Owing to our expertise in the small parts warehouse, we can fill the trays with several different items. The same items can thus be distributed across several trays. This variable configuration ensures a high level of availability and that the space is used effectively.

Large and bulky goods: block warehouse

Storage in the block warehouse is controlled manually. The relevant storage area can be assigned freely depending on the size and weight, and taking any specific characteristics of the stored goods into consideration. The numbers of the storage locations are entered in the system and are automatically taken into consideration during removal from the warehouse. This ensures that we have optimum stock levels of large volume and bulky items for you.

Smooth picking process and traceability

If you place several orders on the same day, we can combine all of the individual orders in one delivery, if requested. The removal of goods from storage at OTTO ROTH is priority-controlled. The system generates a list of priorities, taking the type of order and the urgency into consideration. If a new order is entered in the system, an evaluation is completed in a very short time and a new sequence is generated. Our structured data management and efficient control of the data flow ensures that supplied goods can be traced easily at any time.

The goods receipt numbers are maintained during dispatch, so that stock can be assigned accurately and can be traced back to our supplier's batch number. These processes offer you even more service and quality assurance.

Kanban processing

Our Kanban deliveries are also processed reliably in our fully-automated OTTO ROTH warehouse. Short conveying distances to the Kanban containers for goods removed from storage, as well as fast sequences along the entire Kanban process ensure that the container cycle at OTTO ROTH is perfectly completed.




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